Since our establishment, we have been in an understanding that aims continuous innovation with our team that values scientific knowledge. In a short time, we have made a solution partnership with many industrial organizations operating in different industries with the fabrics we have designed for them.

  Our fabrics;

  It is used in the production of protective clothing used in many industries such as automotive, electronics, medical, pharmaceutical, mining, iron-steel and petro-chemistry.

   What are we producing?

   Antistatic Cleanroom fabrics, Antistatic fabrics in accordance with EN 1149 standard, permanent flame retardant fabrics in accordance with EN 11612- EN 11611 standards, antibacterial – liquid repellent surgical gown fabrics in accordance with EN 13795-1 standard, Breathable waterproof fabrics, Type 6 liquid chemical repellent fabrics etc….With the understanding of solution partnership, we listen to the needs of our customers, analyze them and design and produce functional fabrics that will meet their needs at the most affordable price.



Providing permanent superiority by always targeting the different and the new..


  With our structure that believes and values ​​the power of scientific knowledge, can make and implement decisions quickly, always research and question, we continuously and distinctly increase the value we add to the society and the sector.